• Wireless Service

  • How much is Installation?

    Installation is FREE if you are switching from another provider (actually it will be free even if you aren't switching)! This does not include elaborate wiring or special requirements to obtain an acceptable signal level.

    What happens if my equipment gets damaged?

    Our policy is that we will pay for your first set of equipment to establish service; if for some reason it gets damaged while you have service you will be responsible for replacing it.

    Is there anything not included in the installation fee?

    Most people will need a router so that they can connect more than one device to the Internet. We can provide these for $59 or you can use your own. If you know the password to your existing router we can reconfigure it for you.

    How much is monthly service?

    Monthly fees are $65.

    What if I need a service call?

    If the service call is deemed to not be a result of equipment on the far end (the equipment on the tower that your antenna points to) then there is a $75/hour charge. We reserve the right to choose to waive this charge depending on the circumstances.

    How fast is the service?

    We employ a type of Fair Use Policy on your Internet speeds. Our goal with this idea is to provide you unlimited access to bandwidth as long as you are not negatively impacting any other user of the service. Currently speed tests for users are ranging from 25-30 mbits.

    Are there any different speed packages?

    No, there is only one service plan.

    What are the contract requirements?

    We do not have any contract (although you have to agree to our Terms of Service). This also means there is no termination penalty for canceling. If the service is not operating at the level you desire then you are free to terminate service at any time.

    Are there any caps or other usage limits?

    There are no caps on usage of the service.