• About Us

  • The individuals behind Rising Wireless, Inc. have a long history of service to the community and a combined 40 years of experience providing Internet service. Carl Davis, Brad Davis and Chris Cook have full-time jobs in addition to supporting Rising Wireless, Inc. Not only do they provide the engineering, maintenance and support but they are also customers of the wireless Internet service at their residences.

    Carl Davis

    Over 30 years of computer/network experience and a 20-year history of providing residents in and around the Sidell area with Internet service. Currently employed as the Manager of Network Operations of Horizon Hobby, LLC in Champaign, IL.

    Brad Davis

    Over 10 years of experience in the Wireless ISP industry providing service to commercial and residential customers in East Central Illinois. Brad is currently the third generation working in the family farming business.

    Chris Cook

    Over 20 years in the Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Electrical Construction and Maintenance industry. Currently employed as a Utilities and Maintenance Electrician at the University of Illinois.

    The History of Rising Wireless

    Carl’s experience with the Internet Service Provider industry began in 1997 while providing end-user support and network administration services for Sidell Online, a dial-up ISP. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree from the U of I in Economics in 1999, Carl began working for AdvanceNet shortly after AdvanceNet’s acquisition of Sidell Online. While working at AdvanceNet Carl provided support and management for AdvanceNet’s acquisitions of Net66, PDNT and a number of other smaller ISPs. Carl continued to provide support to eGIX which purchased AdvanceNet in 2001. During his time with AdvanceNet Carl began working with wireless technologies to provide Internet services to otherwise underserved customers. In 2000 Carl left AdvanceNet and returned to the U of I to provide computer/network support for the Department of Animal Sciences and earned a Master’s Degree in Economics/Finance. It was during this time that Carl, with the assistance of Josh Jones and Brian Curtis, started TS Wireless and started offering Wireless Internet Service in the Sidell area with a single 768K T1 line. TS Wireless continued to grow and Carl’s brother Brad became a partner and was responsible for the growth of the network West of Champaign, IL. TS Wireless grew into a large regional Wireless ISP providing service from 45 POPs in an area spanning from Newman, IL to Farmer City, IL. In 2010, TS Wireless was sold to a holding company out of Nevada. Carl continued as a Senior Network Administrator for Freestar Bank and in 2012 started working for Horizon Hobby as the Manager of Network Operations.

    By 2012 Carl and Brad had returned the community where they had grown-up and found the community again in need of reliable Internet service. They decided to start another Wireless ISP and called it Rising Wireless, Inc. Both Carl and Brad remain fully employed outside of Rising Wireless and dedicate a large portion of their free time to the operation of Rising Wireless. Chris Cook provides invaluable assistance, also in his free time, with trouble-shooting, customer installs and network infrastructure upgrades.