2018 Georgetown Fair Dedication

Local Law Enforcement

Each year the Georgetown Fair is dedicated to an individual or group that has influenced our fair and deserves special recognition. The 2018 Georgetown Fair is dedicated to the devoted members of our local law enforcement teams.

Safety is a large part of organizing an annual event. The efforts of both the Georgetown Police Department and the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Department are key to providing a safe event each year. Long hours, unexpected weather events, and large crowds are all parts of their annual call of duty. They are present daily on the grounds, in the carnival, and serving security details during grandstand events.

These local professionals serve double duties. They are the friendly faces and members of our communities that we interact with daily. However, daily conversations are secondary to providing security and safety to our fair patrons. Uncertainty is a part of a free society. These professionals are on site to assist in unpredictable times. They are the ones that we love to see but dislike to see the need for their services. Either way, they can be counted on to do whatever is asked of them.

As many memories are made at the fair, we rely on their service. Over the years, professional entertainers have received their security detail to allow them to perform. Last year, they were called to duty for a visit from our Secretary of Agriculture. Daily they are demonstrating to parents that a commitment to children’s safety is their duty. We see them in pictures and fair memorabilia, yet they perform their duties in the background.

In preparing our annual fair, we take for granted that security is covered. We set the dates and the local law enforcment does their part. Our role is easy, they have the larger calling. In uncertain times in our society, they are present daily, safely watching over our society.

It is with a sense of pride and appreciation that the 2018 Georgetown Fair is dedicated to our local law enforcment teams.


2018 Premium Book Dedication

Charlie and Gracie Dukes

The Georgetown Fair Association is proud to dedicate the 2018 Premium Book to Charlie and Gracie Dukes.

Charlie and Gracie’s ties to the Georgetown Fair run deep with Charlie’s father being instrumental in organizing the early fairs. They are regulars at the fair and have spent their lives giving for our country and local community.

Charlie gave dearly for our country and our freedom. He served in the Army in World War II and was captured and held as a prisoner of war (POW) in Germany. After returning from the war, Charlie married Gracie, his college sweetheart. He worked at the First National Bank and later in a wholesale business. Gracie was as an aide for years in the Georgetown School District. They raised four children in our local area.

Our most recent memories of Charlie and Gracie center around their efforts in educating us on World War II and prisoners of war. As a member of National American Ex Prisoners of War Organization, he has discussed his POW experience with thousands of people at many schools. churches and other civic groups. His stories of the war and being a POW are educational and very sobering. Charlie wrote a book on his experience in the war. ”Good Morning, But the Nightmares Never End” is an invaluable read. He has also opened a WWII museum of memorabilia.

You can count on seeing Charlie and Gracie daily at the fair. They always support our fair events, fund raisers, and other local events. Charlie showed us proper etiquette to present the colors, and it is a part of starting every grandstand event.
We of the Georgetown Fair proudly dedicate our 2018 Premium Book to Charlie and Grace Dukes. They are truly part of the greatest generation!




Phil Hummel Memorial Award – 2018 Recipient

Donnie Hackler

Phil Hummel was a remarkable man who added professional expertise to his every task. His abilities, leadership, and goal driven nature endeared Phil to all who knew him. His spirit endures in our hearts and his memory is invoked when each annual recipient is honored with his Memorial Award.

The Georgetown Fair Association takes pride in naming Donnie Hackler the 2018 Phil Hummel Memorial Award recipient.

Donnie was first elected as a director in 2006. Being the father of a former fair queen, he started working with the queen pageant. He was one of the behind the scenes people that spent many hours building the stage and working on the presentation for the pageant.

Given his family association with horses, Donnie was an active participant with our livestock department. He has worked supporting the annual livestock sale, which is very important to the junior exhibitors. He spends many hours cleaning barns and preparing for the livestock shows.

Donnie was elected president of our board of directors in 2014. In this role, he is key to our communications. Nearly every issue funnels through him and he is key to getting the information to the right individuals. He is constantly at the fairgrounds meeting people and preparing for the annual fair. Additionally, he does a good job in representing our fair at the state and zone meetings of our state fair organization. One of his leadership strengths is his ability to guide different points of view towards the common goal of a great fair.

We are proud to name Donnie Hackler the Phil Hummel Award recipient for 2018.